GreenFields installs water-based field at Hockey Club Atlètic Terrassa

GreenFields Hockey field Terrassa

Hockey field Terrassa

The club plays hockey at the professional level and has won the national championship a number of times. But Atlètic Terrassa is also setting its sights beyond Spain and a GreenFields system fits in perfectly with this aim.

The use of artificial turf for field hockey grounds began in the mid-70s and has constituted an enormously positive development for the sport. Since then, the game has become (much) faster and more exciting. Being a pioneer in the market for several decades, GreenFields plays an important role in the development of hockey systems. This all-round artificial turf specialist has its own laboratory with the same equipment as the reputable testing centres. Choosing GreenFields means choosing innovation!

It goes without saying that all GreenFields systems comply with the requirements of the Federation of International Hockey (FIH).