Vicksburg is now home to the South’s first youth sports park with 100-percent synthetic turf

GreenFields USA is proud to announce that its construction partner, FIELDS, has completed installation of its ultra-durable turf product, ALLSPORT XP, at Vicksburg’s Sports Force Parks.

With nearly 80,000 square feet of ALLSPORT XP on the 60-acre park, Sports Force Parks is now the first youth sports park in the South with all fields made of synthetic turf.

The Sports Force Parks team chose a turf with XP fibers (the toughest fibers on the market), perfect for the many baseball and soccer games that will take place on the new fields.

XP fibers have a uniquely engineered slit film design and fibrillation pattern, which allows these fibers to hold up to the roughest play from the toughest sports without losing their integrity. FIELDS, renowned builder specializing in high-quality athletic fields, selected the turf carefully.

“The fields in this park will be heavily used, so we chose to use GreenFields’ XP product because of its durability and the company’s great reputation,” said Brian Storm, president and CEO of Sports Fields Inc., FIELDS’s parent company.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide durable, high-quality fields, made with the world’s strongest fibers, that’ll be the playing grounds for young athletes for generations to come,” said Avery Gallaher, director of operations for GreenFields. “Big thanks to FIELDS for working with us on this exciting project.”