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Green Just Got Greener

At GreenFields, we take environmental responsibility seriously. In fact, it is one of our primary objectives. Through both manufacturing and corporate practices, we are 100% committed to sustainability as part of our Green Philosophy. We have designed our newest production facility to implement processes that minimize environmental impact caused by manufacturing. It was quite the investment, but we believe it reflects who we at GreenFields are as a company and defines well where we’re headed.

Towards the Green Generation

Our new facility is a tangible realization of GreenFields vision for how modern synthetic turf ought to be produced. We are proud to have set a new industry standard which reflects the perfect balance of modernization with eco-friendly production. This allows us to produce a majority of your athletic field components in a way that is more environmentally friendly than ever. Our impact on the environment is going to keep decreasing over time.
As we grow, we continue developing even better strategies for controlling the consumption of resources and streamlining performance. At GreenFields, we are making tremendous strides in making sure our planet is preserved for many future generations. GreenFields holds ecological sustainability as one of our core values. Our company is more committed to this concept than any other within the world of synthetic turf manufacturing. We understand the importance our role has in this initiative, which is why we keep environmental responsibility in the forefront of all our activities. Our practices are all founded on ambitious sustainability principles, and we are always working to improve in this area.