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Our approach

One of the many things that sets the sports world apart is how it unifies, thrills, challenges and inspires people. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are languages which are spoken across many linguistic and cultural barriers. These experiences form a bond that is global in scope and cohesiveness.

Through this seemingly limitless and unifying power, sporting events are utilized in a number of ways to provide positive societal impact. The appeal of team sports goes way beyond the game, and so does GreenFields’ vision.


At GreenFields, we maintain a strong dedication and commitment to developing and implementing groundbreaking technologies through our high quality artificial turf systems. We apply innovative design strategies that pass every relevant inspection and provide immediate and long-term utilization of every team sport playing surface that we design and build. We make continuous strides in our attempt to implement new and better innovations that make a difference in the quality of play on those surfaces. This helps us to ensure even better turnkey solutions down the line.

Superior Playing quality

In our effort to achieve our objective of providing the absolute highest “playing quality for all,” we hear and act upon all concerns, both from the customer and the player. We do not rely on just presumptuous data. Instead, we focus on the experience and observations of those who use the products we produce. Through rigorous testing, research, and development coupled with strategic alliances, university studies, constant communication with our customers and international relations; we have an indispensable formula for always moving forward and constantly improving.

Excellence in service and support

The superior quality of our artificial sports turf systems, in tandem with our unmatched and personal approach to support and service, has brought GreenFields to where we are today and will keep moving us ahead to places unknown in the future. Our innovative ethics and pioneer spirit have allowed us to secure a key position in the industry of artificial turf. It is these achievements that fuel our relentless pursuit of excellence. GreenFields goal is not just to be the biggest player in our industry; but to be known and recognized as the best.

Supply only, Design Build, Construction and everything in between

When you choose to contract with GreenFields for your synthetic turf and athletic field construction needs, you are allying with a company with a proven commitment to provide turnkey solutions for your organization. Your athletic field will be constructed to exacting standards, and will be inspected at every level for safety and quality assurance. The end result will be a durable, high-quality playing surface that can take anything your team delivers from the very start.

If your organization is under obligation to work with contractors not affiliated with GreenFields, we will work with and train them right, so our highest standards are met or exceeded.