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TenCate AccorderTurn, shift, accelerate and score. The technical playing qualities of artificial grass are determined by the composition of and the materials used in the entire system. GreenFields is a specialist in this area. Working closely with the TenCate group of materials technology companies, GreenFields designs and supplies integrated artificial grass systems.

By combining numerous technological innovations in one artificial grass system that consists of multiple integrated layers, sports associations and clubs can provide their top talents and enthusiastic amateurs with a safe, durable and affordable playing surface.

GreenFields – The choice of Champions.

Stable sub base

TenCate has developed an innovative new product, called TenCate Accorder®, which provides a firm basis for high-quality artificial grass systems.

TenCate Accorder® consists of a durable geotextile module that is only approximately seven centimetres deep and divided into dozens of equal-sized compartments per square metre, which are filled with local (re)usable soil. In this way, GreenField’s compact base layer is the most stable subsurface for playing sports available on today’s market. On site, much less soil has to be dug away, which saves time as well as excavation and transport costs, whilst drastically reducing the total system’s carbon footprint.


TenCate Accorder® is 100% recyclable.

TenCate Accorder®

Protecting the planet and players

With traditional artificial grass pitches, a layer of loose soil with a depth of as much as 40 centimetres is required. However, with TenCate Accorder® the subsurface is shallower, but more stable.

Benefits TenCate Accorder® base system

  • Cellular confinement with a fixed floor compartment;
  • Lowering costs of installation;
  • Extremely solid base;
  • Lower CO2 emission;
  • Often, local soils can be used;
  • For traditional (vertical) and lateral drainage;
  • Quick installation;
  • Extremely useful in areas where proper sub base material is not available;
  • Strong but lightweight material;
  • Easy to transport and handle;
  • Suitable for sport, landscaping and geotextile;
  • 100% Recyclable;
  • Component for TenCate “Total Solutions”.

Why TenCate Accorder®?

The TenCate Accorder® geotextile stabilizes most soils effectively. A quality base can be built thinner, reducing excavation depth. 65% less trucking to remove soils and bring in new aggregate. Less expensive types of soil can be used in the TenCate Accorder® geotextile.

TenCate Accorder® is a base construction with existing materials. Local available soil materials can be used for filling pockets. TenCate Accorder® reduces Total Cost Ownership and/or more value in the top layer.

Durable system construction

The technical playing properties and characteristics of artificial grass benefit from the optimal alignment and maximum integration of the different modules in the total system.
With traditional artificial grass pitches, a layer of loose soil with a depth of as much as 40 centimetres is required. However, with TenCate Accorder® the subsurface is shallower, but more stable. An additional advantage is that TenCate Accorder® reduces the surface wear of the artificial grass pitch, thus extending its lifespan.

Furthermore, different drainage systems can now be used and laid under or above a TenCate Accorder® base layer.



Recyclable top layer and flexible underlayGreenFields® MX artificial grass was especially developed for football and it makes the top layer of the pitch completely recyclable. TenCate’s advanced weaving technique keeps the tufts of artificial grass upright so they support the ball and easily allow players to get their feet underneath it.The use of a cushioning underlay with an open weave structure enables the system to retain optimal shock-absorbing properties. The flexible TenCate Sine™ underlay keeps the artificial grass supple and the total system safe for playing sports.


Peter van Vossen

Peter van Vossen

Almere City FC

The Greenfields MX artificial grass pitch at Heracles Almelo (FC) is the best artificial grass pitch in the whole of the Netherlands, at this time!

Ryan Miller

General Manager / Sparta Dome

The Sparta Dome is now home to soccer, softball, baseball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, frisbee football and more. All of our customers are blown away with the turf and they are thrilled that we chose to work with Greenfields due to the playing surface they now get to enjoy. The rental groups that we work with and our Sparta Program participants recognize the true advantage they have by playing & practicing here with us due to the Dome having the best turf surface in our area.

John Trask

John Trask

Head men's soccer coach / University of Wisconsin

"We played one of our scheduled Spring games on the new turf at Rockford and I must say GreenFields has got it right with this new woven technology. There is a real noticeable improvement. Not only is it extremely natural looking but the ball roll and ball bounce play as close to natural grass as any artificial field I've seen. "

Rob Westerhof

Rob Westerhof

Chairman Sparta Rotterdam

We want to tap new sources of income. With artificial turf we can use the Sparta Stadium far more intensively, and not just for soccer. This decision has been prompted by long-term thinking. It is also why the choice fell on the best artificial turf system currently available, GreenFields® MX with the TenCate Trimension™ fiber. We are a fantastic club, with a rich history and a unique stadium. We want to exude that feeling, that pride, from every Sparta pore again, including the young. Our artificial turf field is an investment in that future.”

Wim Biesterveld

Wim Biesterveld

General Manager FC Volendam (Dutch Premier League)

With the new GreenFields ® MX field we are assured of the best possible conditions to play Soccer, throughout the year. That is good for the development of players, individually and in teams, and therefore good for the development and appearance of the club.

Jan de Jonge

Jan de Jonge

Trainer Heracles Almelo - Dutch Premier League

We are very pleased with this high-quality artificial turf field. We can now train in our own stadium. Players can get their foot under the ball easily which enables them to kick perfectly. The ball speed and thus the game speed are much more consistent. The result is optimal ball and playing performance. "

Ronnie Bateman

Ronnie Bateman

Director Falkirk FC

Our new pitch has been the subject of great praise from all who have played and seen it. Players, referees and spectators. Visiting clubs say it is a much better field than what they have seen elsewhere. Praise indeed!

Bill Gillespie

Bill Gillespie

PSD Scotland

The benefit of the woven product is the ability of the carpet pile to stand upright allowing the players to get their boot under the ball and the durability of the product due to the strength of the carpet – it is almost impossible to withdraw yarn from the pile. There are a combination of yarns used is carpet making it a much more comfortable surface for the players.

Art Langeler

Art Langeler

Hoofd Jeugdopleiding PSV

This amazing product allows you to play four matches on Saturday, train every day under the same conditions and with many teams. Besides these benefits Greenfields MX has the appearance of a great professional field! Enough reasons for us to choose GreenFields turf! Football is based on old values but with modern and innovative approach. This field is a good exponent of that thought!