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Sports Turf systems by GreenFields

Synthetic turf provides a playing surface that is geared toward durability and performance. The governing bodies of major professional sports like FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football), the IRB (International Rugby Board), and the FIH (the International Hockey Federation) all use and endorse synthetic turf as the playing surface of choice for professional matches.
GreenFields is pleased to offer a versatile line of sports turf products that provides solutions for many major sports organizations that would otherwise be using natural grass. There are many benefits to using GreenFields artificial turf. It offers the benefits of superior safety and performance and also  meets certain requirements that would be impossible to achieve through use of natural grass in terms of consistency uniform levels in playing field conditions.

Real Innovations

that are changing the game

For years, our approach to designing and building the world’s best synthetic turf systems has been inspired primarily by one very important thing: nature. Every one of our products is designed to have the look and feel of a natural playing surface so players and fans alike are able to have the best experience possible using them.

Maximized playing time

The key benefit that synthetic turf offers is a dramatic increase in playing time without risk of damage to the field. Sports fields made of artificial turf are able to withstand as much as 3,000 grueling hours of play time every year. That is quite the departure from natural grass!  Synthetic turf can also be utilized in different weather and climate conditions throughout the year, including a variety of sporting events that present different requirements for performance. GreenFields artificial turf is designed to meet all of those unique standards.

Long-term system Performance

Our synthetic sports turf systems are developed through a process of intense research that encompasses every aspect of the final product. Each component is subjected to repeated testing within our own testing facilities. There, we strive to create long term standards of behavior that most closely mimic the performance of natural grass in terms of roll, bounce, damping and energy restitution.

GreenFields is proud to also offer comprehensive maintenance solutions that guarantee your synthetic sports turf system stays in prime condition for many years to come.

 Cost effectiveness

Artificial turf does require some routine and minor maintenance, including cleaning and brushing, but the maintenance on a synthetic surface is insignificant in comparison to natural grass. Artificial turf does not not require fertilizing, irrigating, mowing, or chemical treatment. It also does not require a significant amount of water – as much as a million gallons fewer per year – making it a clearly eco-friendly and cost-saving advantage over natural grass.

GreenFields Turf Products

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Woven System

Produced using our new and patented triple “W-weaving” technique.

Tufted Systems

The use of tufting is traditional in producing artificial turf.