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Rugby Field Construction


A lot has changed… but not in the game of rugby! With the natural development of artificial grass surfaces over recent years the opportunity for improving the playability of the rugby field has never been better. Just imagine training and playing without the thought of sliding around in cold and wet mud.

The development of artificial grass surfaces that replicate the playing qualities of good quality natural grass has stimulated much interest in the games of rugby and football. These surfaces, often described as third generation artificial grass, have a much longer pile than the previously used sand filled surfaces and are normally partly filled with rubber or rubber and sand mixes.

The improved qualities of these new surfaces have been recognized by the international governing bodies of rugby union and football and they have each amended their rules to allow the use of artificial grass fields in their competitions.

To ensure fields have the desired playing characteristics and provide the necessary levels of player protection, international governing bodies have specified the performance they require from artificial grass fields.

Because of the fact that many artificial grass fields are, however, used by more than one sport and because this can lead to compromises in the characteristics of the playing surface GreenFields developed unique products which meet up to the highest standards.

We already successfully installed artificial grass for rugby in combination with football in several countries like New Zealand and the UK.

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