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Soccer is the world’s most played and most popular sport and it is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. A soccer game can be a very thrilling, emotionally-charged experience.

Over the years, though, various issues surrounding natural grass and the use of outdated kinds of artificial turf have surfaced. Inconsistent playing surfaces, the wear that affects the field over time, the unpredictability of natural grass terrain, and worn-out, flat and useless artificial turf fibers are all serious problems. All of these can have a negative effect on ball roll and player maneuvers, both of  which can have a negative impact on the game from both player and spectator perspectives.

As a Preferred Producer for FIFA, GreenFields consistently goes beyond the traditional role of the supplier/installer by constantly improving the total quality of our tightly-integrated services and products. Through this approach, GreenFields is able to fully manage the production, installation and maintenance of synthetic turf for soccer from the inception of your project to its completion.

It is not merely the quality of our products that has helped GreenFields maintain its market leading position. We offer a totally comprehensive service package that extends from consultancy through solutions and yields true turnkey project results.

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Soccer Systems

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Ultimate high performance turf - unmatched playability, durability, and safety.


The most advanced, ultra-durable turf fibers with high resilience and increased comfort and safety.


FIFA’s Preferred Producer Initiative has the overall objective of protecting consumer interests (including clubs, players, member associations, private sector, and so on) when purchasing sports fields, and ensuring that soccer playing systems worldwide meet the organization’s requirements with specific regards to quality, safety and performance.

As one of the premier producers in the artificial turf industry, GreenFields has achieved status as a FIFA Preferred Producer.

We at GreenFields view the FIFA Preferred Producer Program as being a decisive step for the artificial turf market and the industry in general. Its concept fits well with our vision to create flawless playing conditions throughout the world. Over the years, we have made adjustments throughout our organization on every level accordingly by investing in the correct people, partnerships, organizational structure, and production facilities.




Individual components

You cannot measure performance of a soccer turf system based on its individual components. It isn’t only the turf, it isn’t just the infill or shock pad. The real quality of an artificial sports turf system is a matter of know-how combined with the individual elements of the entire system. At GreenFields, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to continually improving every element of our synthetic turf systems, and we involve suppliers in all facets of product design and development. We have formed alliances and partnerships that have helped us increase the sustainability and impact of innovative technology in developing new turf systems for soccer. That is why we partner with various companies in strategic industries; we do it to develop and bring to market more innovative products.

Tailor-made solutions

At GreenFields, it is our vision to craft perfect playing conditions worldwide. That vision has driven us to make adaptive moves within our organization on many levels. Our CI&M Department is the hub of knowledge that regulates the design and construction of all our projects. The object’s design is based on an evaluation of the local data we receive from our engineers, sales partners, and customers. All that information is transformed by our CI&M people into a first draft with details of the object and all surrounding elements. The final design is then made using CAD / CAM technology in order to ensure precision specifications for the installation of the drainage system, turf system, sub-base construction and all surrounding elements.

Construction Sub-base

Earthwork and sub-base vary according to continent, country and even region. A well-planned sub-base does not need to be rebuilt every time the turf needs to be replaced.

A stable, suitable base is very important for the lifespan and quality of the sports field. Construction is completed by one of GreenFields’ local offices or through a local construction company under GreenFields supervision.

GreenFields’ supervisors are present onsite regularly during construction to verify that the work is being completed according to design and keep the project on schedule.

Turf installation

The installation of the artificial turf only takes place once the quality of the sub base and shock absorption layer have each been approved.

Works begins with the unrolling of rolls based on the seaming plan. The rolls get rolled into place and the edges are cut. Before workers begin gluing the pieces together, seam tapes get laid underneath the joins between the individual strips of turf. Once all the strips have been glued together, the field lines get cut out and all lines, center spot and penalty spot get glued into their permanent positions. Once the turf carpet is laid, the sand and rubber infill materials are applied in layers to the field.