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There are numerous considerations when it comes to selecting the playing surface for baseball. You want a turf solution that will prove to be the best for your players. These are not children playing an impromptu game in the park – these are real athletes with real potential. Some of them have the potential to go pro. For the sake of your players, it is imperative that you take everything that will affect their performance and action on the field into account when deciding on a field to build for them. How your players interact with the ball and how the ball responds to the playing environment is a fine balance. Finding it is anything but simple and it is even more difficult without the right guidance and information. This is where we at GreenFields come in…
We are totally committed to providing you, your team and your fans with the best experience possible. It is this commitment that motivates us to keep improving on the quality of the turf we manufacture and  the methods we use to install it. Through years of advancement and innovative synthetic turf science, modern playing surfaces have gone through a significant evolution in recent years. The latest technologies now address problems ranging from glare reduction to heat retention to injury prevention with efficiency. We at GreenFields are committed to constantly improving on technologies that address issues such as these. Every grade turf that we manufacture is designed for outdoor play that is safe, even under wet or damp conditions, and we develop it with serious athletes in mind.

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Baseball Products

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ALLSPORT XP can handle your heaviest traffic with comfort, safety, resilience, and extraordinary durability.


Durability, Low-Maintenance, Softness. The Ultimate Triple Threat.

Woven Revolution

Ultimate high performance turf - unmatched playability, durability and safety.

The Ultimate Baseball Experience!

Baseball is every bit as engaging to fans as it is to players, which is why it is so important for your baseball field to provide the best experience possible for both players and spectators. When choosing a synthetic playing surface, you need to know that what you are getting represents a level of quality consistent with the investment, and one that is going to be comfortable, safe, and reliable for years to come.When you partner with GreenFields to build your baseball field, you are guaranteed to receive the latest in synthetic turf technology and a design that complements not just the aesthetics of a well-maintained playing field, but one that provides the most safe and appropriate playing conditions for the game as well.
The science behind GreenFields’ synthetic turf products yields, among its many benefits, a number of impressive innovations that enhance game play. These include:

  • consistency in bounce and roll direction
  • low friction whether under dry or wet conditions
  • safe sliding capability
  • optimal technology for shock absorption
  • strong, flexible, enduring fiber

We at GreenFields are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer you these and other exciting innovations and to provide your baseball club with many years of low-maintenance, consistent gameplay through our high-quality synthetic turf products.