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Committed to excellence

At GreenFields we are proud of our commitment to producing the world’s most technologically advanced and innovative synthetic turf athletic systems on earth. Our years of experience in construction and installation and manufacturing, coupled with our ongoing research and development efforts and our uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction have made all of this possible. Our full in-house lab and our fortuitous and exclusive partnerships with companies like TenCate facilitate the design and building of artificial turf systems for a wide variety of sports. The quality of what we produce is unequalled in our industry.

Dedicated experts

The GreenFields team is comprised of a large group of experts dedicated to one unified vision: to equip international sports bodies with the highest quality, most cost-effective products. We accomplish this through our innovative designs and our endless efforts in research and development. Our professional in-house team uses our state-of-the-art testing facility to develop a range of products that all meet or exceed all of the stringent requirements set forth by the various sports governing bodies across the globe. Through these efforts, GreenFields seamlessly merges the concepts of durability and safety that are foundational to our strategies for product development.

 Innovative mindset

Diversity through development is one of the core strengths of GreenFields. Our innovative approach to building the best artificial turf systems in the world has been inspired by nature. Everything we make is designed to look and feel natural so that players and fans can have the best possible experience when using our products. GreenFields has become the leading synthetic turf company in the world providing the most original and technologically advanced product portfolio on the market.

Our vision

Few things draw people together like rooting for their favorite sports teams. It allows people to share in the thrill of victory as well as the agony of defeat with their teams. The unifying power of sports and its capability of bringing about social harmony are things in which we at GreenFields believe whole-heartedly. Our core objective is to place the most positive experience of sports within the reach of everyone in the world, while maintaining our commitment to provide sustainable, high-end, safe and  environmentally responsible playing systems. We strive to be the absolute best in our industry and we meet that goal through the development, production, installation and maintenance of our surfaces and systems with deference to players and fans, as well as our planet and everything with which we share it. It isn’t our goal to simply be the best; we see being the best as our duty, both as a company and also a brand.

Our mission

At GreenFields, our goal is to gain recognition as the world’s premier supplier and brand of all-in-one synthetic turf athletic systems. We want to provide everyone involved – from players, referees and coaches to spectators – with the best possible experience at every event. We are realizing that goal through our unwavering commitment to quality in every facet of construction of every athletic field. By integrating quality, innovation and environmental responsibility we are able to provide a level of service that is unmatched by any company in our industry.

Proven performance

Certified by Global Governing Bodies

As one of the first producers in the synthetic turf industry, GreenFields has been awarded the FIFA, FIH and the IRB Preferred Producer status. Being a preferred producer for these governing bodies acknowledges the sustained efforts of GreenFields to offer the game and the players the best playing conditions worldwide.

As one of the world’s first producers of synthetic turf, GreenFields has been awarded the FIFA Preferred Producer status, in acknowledgement of our sustained effort to offer the game and the soccer players the best playing conditions worldwide.

IRB_PREFERRED-TURF-PRODUCER_mark_fcFor our proven quality and global track record in manufacturing, installing and maintaining sports turf, GreenFields is awarded the Preferred Turf Producer status by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

GreenFields is your FIH (International Hockey Federation) approved synthetic turf manufacturer. An FIH approved hockey field provides a professional quality playing surface suitable for competition matches.

Part of TenCate

Materials that make a difference

TenCate Grass bases its materials and products entirely on sporting knowledge and the experiences of players and trainers in top-flight sport and recreational sports. To this end TenCate Grass conducts research, develops and produces innovative fibres, fabrics and components for synthetic turf sports systems.

Design and preparation

Every GreenFields project is planned and executed to exacting standards by our technical design team in our effort to ensure precision in the installation of your artificial turf system. We design sports field systems with the aid of CAD and CAM software and technology to be certain that every design element, when combined with all the others, forms a ready-to-use field. This includes the playing field, fences, pathways, lighting, sub-base and drainage systems.

 Athletic field Construction

We have developed our Sports Construction Project Department to provide superior communication, support, and project management throughout the entire process of constructing our artificial turf systems. Our relationships with key sports organizations like the UEFA and FIFA, we developed superior strategies for project management and are able to provide turnkey solutions that are vital for any size organization.

Installation of turf

It is not about just the turf. It isn’t about only the shock pad or infill. The quality of our synthetic turf sports field systems is fueled by the expertise that goes into creating a total system using each individual part. We at GreenFields consider this to be our passion and our commitment: producing quality, sustainable and durable turf system components that work seamlessly together.