Sustainable synthetic turf system combines best of both worlds

GreenFields® MX DS is the most recent innovation in durability of synthetic turf supplier GreenFields. This synthetic turf system is by far the most sustainable in the world. The highly wear resistant soccer blades of this fully recyclable field consist of diamond shaped yarns firmly entrenched in the system by means of the innovative 3D weaving technique of TenCate. GreenFields® MX DS thus combines durability with recyclability to maximum durability.

The wear resistance of synthetic turf is considered to be an important measure of playability and perception of fields after years of intensive use. The value is measured by so-called Lisport test equipment, a rotating roll with studs simulating playing with football shoes. Synthetic turf qualities withstanding 30,000 or 40,000 cycles, worldwide already are quite exceptional. GreenFields® MX DS withstood 100,000 cycles, which is unique. Also in terms of durability GreenFields offers the most sustainable in its class.

Patented weaving technique

GreenFields® MX DS is based on the patented weaving technique of textile technology company TenCate. Where in traditional systems the yarns are tufted into the backing , TenCate together with GreenFields years ago has developed a method to weave yarns as bundles in the backing. As a result the field has a unique tuft lock, the anchoring of the fibers in the field. An additional effect is that the sport technical performance and play safety also have increased. The fact that last summer many sport clubs in the Jupiler League installed GreenFields® MX turf systems, is the ultimate proof that GreenFields keeps lifting the perception of synthetic turf and the life span to a higher level. This long-term aim is reflected in maximum durability .

Diamond-shaped yarn

The recent innovation of GreenFields is the use of diamond-like yarns in the existing system. For synthetic turf, the diamond shape is already for some time the most wear-resistant model. GreenFields has managed to combine the patented weaving technique (MX) with the use of three sizes of diamond-shaped yarn (DS). It provides an integrated system with unparalleled wear resistance, as was proven by the Lisport test recently conducted by University of Ghent in Belgium.

The most durable system in the world

Synthetic turf supplier GreenFields, as the daughter of TenCate, is globally said to be one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable synthetic turf systems, especially for football, hockey and rugby. “The time when playing on synthetic turf was experienced as suboptimal, is finally behind us. Today’s advanced systems are so ingenious that professional clubs, amateur clubs, coaches and athletes now openly express their preference for synthetic turf, provided it is top quality . Our synthetic turf is also 100% recyclable and in that respect the most sustainable system in the world. Synthetic turf is becoming the standard. We want to set that standard’, says brand manager Ed Donkers of GreenFields .