GreenFields® TX Dutch National Hockey Stadium

This summer, GreenFields is delivering a GreenFields® TX artificial grass hockey field to the Dutch National Hockey Stadium in Amsterdam. The same high-quality artificial grass system was chosen for the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 in The Hague, to be played next year in the Kyocera Stadium and the neighbouring – temporary – GreenFields Stadium.

The installation of the GreenFields® TX artificial turf in the national stadium is scheduled to begin in early July. The Wagener Stadium in the Amsterdam forest has always been the most important stadium for international matches for the Dutch field hockey team. The WC73, EC83 and various Champions Trophies have been held here. The stadium is also the home base for the Amsterdam Hockey & Bandy Club. This is the oldest hockey association in the Netherlands, with both the first women’s and men’s teams in the premier division. Since 1980, Wagener Stadium has been owned by the Royal Netherlands Hockey Association (KNHB). The current artificial field needs replacing and the KNHB chose GreenFields to supply the new field, which incorporates quality fibres from TenCate.

Exclusively developed for top hockey

Amsterdam has opted for the GreenFields® TX hockey field, the same field chosen by the KNHB for the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 in The Hague. This superior-quality artificial grass system was developed by GreenFields in close collaboration with top Dutch hockey players and TenCate, developer and manufacturer of quality artificial grass fibres. The first consideration was the technical facilitation of modern, fast hockey playing on the highest professional level. GreenFields had installed a test field for hockey club Klein Zwitserland in The Hague that was tested intensively by dozens of top hockey players. The field was received with much enthusiasm and chosen by the WC organisation of the KNHB as the best hockey field currently available in the market.

Stable ball roll without deviation

The most noticeable improvement compared to the existing artificial grass fields is the stable ball roll. Regardless of the ball speed, a straight ball with no deviation can be played across the entire length, width and diagonal of the field. The type of fibre used and composition of the field facilitate these properties. The high-quality TenCate Tapeslide™ LSR fibre also ensures that players can continue moving their hockey shoes easily across the field without any lock-in effect. This offers maximum playing flexibility in all directions. Rebound damping means that the ball remains low and enables perfect ball control. And the strong yet flexible fibre means that the hockey stick fits perfectly under the ball for a high push. The friction properties are low in both dry and wet weather conditions, which means no more unpredictable lost momentum or acceleration of the ball. TenCate Tapeslide™ LSR fibres are also the most sliding-friendly yarns available and are both wear-resistant and UV stable. The GreenFields® TX field offers maximum shock absorption, optimally protecting the backs, knees and joints of hockey players.

Are you thinking about buying a new hockey field?

If you are thinking about buying a new hockey field, we would like to offer you a simple one-page checklist, which details questions and answers often asked by our client base and clubs in a similar position to yourselves. Click here for more information.