GreenFields and AstroCorporation hit a home run at Kyocera Dome Osaka

Osaka, Japan – In only 10 days’ time AstroCorporation, GreenFields’ strategic partner in Japan, installed a new baseball field at the KYOCERA DOME OSAKA in Osaka. The Dome is one of the largest indoor covered spaces in Japan. Besides hosting numerous concerts, events, meetings and conferences, it is mostly known as home of the Orix Buffaloes, one of Japan’s Pacific League Baseball professional baseball teams.

Hugo de Vries, Sales Director of GreenFields is enthousiastic: “Has an artificial turf pitch been installed faster before? Regardless of the answer, AstroCorporation were able to install the 13,200m² synthetic sporting surface in a record time”. It only took AstroCorporation ten days to install the new field ensuring that events at the KYOCERA DOME OSAKA could take place as they were planned.

A multi-purpose facility

The KYOCERA DOME OSAKA is a full-fledged multi-purpose facility that has stages for sports and concerts with approximately 3 million visitors per year, which makes its operation rate very high. The arena has a mechanized system that changes the seating and configuration to suit the event taking place. The ceiling is formed from a series of concentric rings and has sound effects. Furthermore, at the roof, the natural sea breeze is harnessed to aid the ventilation and rainwater is being harvested.

Green fields made by GreenFields

The Dome being planned and designed from an environmental point of view, the main criterion for a new field with artificial turf was to contract a company that could match the environmental credentials and that can be trusted to achieve very short installation schedule because of the high operation rate. GreenFields takes its responsibility in view of sustainability by developing and implementing green processes and sustainable synthetic turf systems. Investment in efficient and clean production systems, a sourcing regime to minimalize the environmental impact of components, and artificial turf that is 100% recyclable, means that GreenFields can deliver on its promises of environmental responsibility.

Hugo de Vries, Sales Director of GreenFields comments: “Green is captured in our vision and strategy, and visualised in our brand. Our desire to deliver quality products and meet environmental standards has helped us to deliver this exceptionally large project. This benefits the team by giving them a high quality playing surface and benefits the venue owner by minimising venue down time”.

True partnership to deliver turnkey solutions

AstroCorporation has been a valuable partner of GreenFields for many years. Both companies are driven by the same philosophy; that is focusing on the performance of a synthetic turf system as a total solution in order to provide sustainable answers that are beneficial for the player and an improvement for the sport. Hugo de Vries says: “GreenFields is known for its innovative strength and the introduction of major developments in turf technology. But you need partners that are able to absorb and introduce that. One couldn’t wish for a better partner than AstroCorporation, this project at the KYOCERA DOME OSAKA is another proof of it.”