Grass meets ice

Non frozen sakting rinks

Non-frozen skating rinks

This alliance will create new opportunities in the area of multi-functional sports fields for sports associations, schools and municipalities.

The organisations share the vision that sports provide a valuable contribution to today’s society. It is hugely important, for example, for youngsters to engage in physical exercise in order to counteract obesity and excessive gaming.

Young people want to be able to choose from a range of sports in the same location. The solution offered by the two organisations meets with this need by presenting a concept that can be used for different summer and winter sports. The patented product comprises plastic plates that are easily installed. These plates are laid with invisible joints and covered with artificial grass to form a multifunctional playing field. In the summer, the field is used for ball sports and roller and inline skating; in winter, it serves as a skating rink. The concept offers youngsters ample opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and exercise.

The joint international venture provides a perfect match for the global network of GreenFields BV.

More information:
Mr. A.J. Warnaar, +31(0) 383 372 010