Does the game change on Football Turf

Benefits of Football turf

As part of the ongoing research and development regarding artificial turf, now called Football Turf, FIFA have carried out substantial research regarding the technical and performance analysis of playing on football turf. As a consequence FIFA have investigated a fundamental question: does the game change on Football Turf compared to matches on natural grass?

To answer this question in an objective and independent way, FIFA commissioned UK-based company ProZone to carry out the study. The study was measurable as ProZone could track every pass and movement through video technology. A 100-match analysis was carried out featuring the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, the Dutch Premier League and the FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007.

Established in 1997, ProZone is the world leader in delivering performance analysis solutions for team-based sports. ProZone is a fully integrated software system which provides advanced technical, tactical and physical information on team and player performances.