First and biggest artificial turf play space in China

Beijing, China – The re-development of the artificial turf sports field at the Western Academy of Beijing is completed. With 17.700m2 playing surface the new sports field will allow for various sports to be played on. It is the first synthetic grass system of FIFA Preferred Producer GreenFields and at the same time probably the biggest playing surface in China. The Western Academy of Beijing, or WAB for short, decided that the old field needed changing for various reasons. The old sports field was too hard and not safe and due to the growing number of students the area was too small for different sports to be played on.

Artificial turf for multiple sports

In August 2010 work began on converting the old sports field with the installation of a new 3rd generation artificial turf system. Works were done by GreenFields’ partner TorchGrass on a re-design and build basis. The new sports field will fulfil WAB’s demand of having a sustainable sports surface for multi-purpose use. With double the play space, lighting for extended use, safer conditions, and a state-of-the-art scoreboard, students will be able to enjoy their sport the whole year through.

Max Heo, GreenFields’ sales manager in China, says: “We had to re-build the construction of the sub-base and modernize the structure. As various sports will be played on this field, we installed a special artificial turf system that will warrant safety properties and playing characteristics for all these sports. The installation of the GreenFields artificial turf system will allow making much greater use of the sports field and will offer many new opportunities to the WAB community.”

The importance of maintaining the artificial turf

WAB is aware of maintenance being an important feature to sustain the total quality of the synthetic turf system and to protect the investment. Robert Landau, director of WAB, says: “With the benefit of having a brand new field created with state-of-the-art materials and advanced technology comes the responsibility of proper use and care. Just as a new car ownership warrants registration, insurance, and an understanding of its operation prior to first use, one of our responsibilities as owners of this great field is to be sure that we have to read its owner’s manual.”