Arsène Wenger announced as President of Homeless World Cup

Arsène Wenger, President, Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup said: “The Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup will bring together different national teams made up of homeless players, orgainsed by charities who help the homeless all year round. “What is important for a guy who is homeless is to give him a target again in life, for him to know that when he gets up he has training. He takes a shower, has lunch and knows that he has training again the next morning.”

“It gives him something to think about, it gets discipline into his life again. When you lose that discipline, it becomes one of the big problems for Young people. They cannot find a job because they are not shaved, not showered. Everybody rejects them, they feel on the outside, excluded.”

Beating homelessness through football, the Homeless World Cup is an annual world class, international football tournament inspiring 64 national grass roots football projects and over 30,000 homeless players a year to change their lives: over 70% change for the better.

The 8th Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup takes place from 19 – 26 September 2010 at Copacabana Beach, Rio, Brazil before the baton is handed to the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup from 19 – 29 August 2011. Homeless World Cup is supported by Nike, United Nations, UEFA, global ambassador Eric Cantona and international footballers Rio Ferdinand and Didier Drogba.

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