2012 Olympic legacy strategy with dual use artificial turf pitch

As part of the 2012 London Olympics and 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy strategy, GreenFields have installed a new dual use artificial turf pitch certified for both Rugby and Football usage. Following the legacy strategy, pitches can still be used after the Olympic Games. The new pitch, which is only the third of its kind in Scotland, will serve the local rugby and football clubs as well as providing access for numerous smaller community clubs and local schools.

Highest certified standards

With competing requirements from both Haddington Athletic Football Club and Haddington Rugby Club, East Lothian Council decided that the most practical and cost effective solution was to opt for a dual usage artificial turf pitch. Any concerns that a dual usage pitch might lead to compromises were eliminated by choosing the GreenFields solution. This option guarantees the highest quality standards for both sports. The new pitch is both FIFA 2 Star certified, the highest standard achievable, and IRB certified to Regulation 22, the recognised standard that allows matches up to International Standard to be played on the surface.

Boosting community participation

To mark the opening of the new dual use pitch, a community marathon was organised with numerous local teams playing 12 hours of continuous football, started by the Under 11 Girls teams at 9am and finishing with seven-a-side event involving the amateurs and the juniors. In one day, this pitch hosted more matches than a natural grass pitch could accommodate in two weeks, highlighting the dramatic increase in playing capacity the new pitch will bring to the community.

Maximum usage throughout the year

GreenFields innovative dual use technology, coupled with the company’s reputation for high quality and worldwide experience were the deciding factors for the East Lothian Council. Drew Donaldson, Chair of the Haddington Football Club, comments: “This new pitch is a tremendous facility not only for the club but for all of the community. We could only have dreamed of this, years ago.

The project was completed from start to finish in just 16 weeks, ensuring that the community are able to gain the maximum usage from the pitch all through the winter period, a time when most natural grass pitches are at their worst in terms of playing condition.

Haddington, Scotland, Tuesday 17 January 2012