The power of sport


Isn’t it wonderful just how meaningful sport can be. Take Stellenbosch in South Africa, where Dutch government minister Lilianne Ploumen opened a mini artificial turf field on Tuesday July 8. The field was laid with Dutch support as part of the Worldcoaches program. This is a Dutch Soccer Association (KNVB) project for training coaches in developing countries.

Because coaches, so the KNVB believes, not only teach children the principles of the sport, but are often also strong personalities: people children look up to, from whom they pick something up and who teach them how to treat each other and how to behave in society.

For children and young people therefore sport is something to hold on to and a means of escaping the often hard life in the townships, while at the same time giving them the chance to dream, the chance of a future.

With support from PEC Zwolle

Dutch Premier League PEC Zwolle, is also enthusiastic about the project. A year ago the club entered into a form of partnership with the club Maties. As a result it is supporting the South African club at a technical level in conjunction with Worldcoaches, in particular with coach training.

Philips and GreenFields collaboration

One of the plans was to lay an artificial turf field to provide coaches and players with a guaranteed surface. PEC Zwolle, which itself plays on GreenFields artificial turf, approached Philips and ourselves to ask what we could do in this regard.

Proud of the result

Over the last few months we have together ensured that the field laid is an excellent one, with professional lighting all round. The field was officially opened on Tuesday 8 July, the honor of unveiling the field falling to Ms Ploumen, who was on a trade mission to South Africa.

The enthusiasm of the club and players was heart-warming and makes us proud. At GreenFields we are constantly seeking to raise the quality and experience of artificial turf to a higher level, to keep developing existing products and solutions. We do this out of the certain conviction that sport brings people together and contributes to positive social change.

Maties furnishes the evidence once more. Fantastic. With thanks to the KNVB, Worldcoaches, PEC Zwolle and Philips for working with us.