Mini Fenway Park upgrade with GreenFields product

Mini Fenway Park in Oakland Maine has initiated a revitalization project that includes a brand new sports turf installation from GreenFields. The field dedication will take place June 21th, 2014. Mini Fenway Park officials announced that they selected the GreenFields turf system and have contracted with NET – Eastern Builders, our GreenFields partner to perform the installation. Work began on the project in late April and is scheduled to be completed and ready for use in time for the dedication.

“We based our decision on the proven experience and reputation of the NET-Eastern group,” said Ken Walsh, Director of Mini Fenway Park. He went on to say that the product samples provided by GreenFields were “far superior” to those submitted by competing companies.

NET-Eastern is involved in virtually every aspect of the construction and maintenance of premium synthetic in-filled grass fields. Throughout New England, the Mid Atlantic, and the Southeast, they have installed 600 + athletic fields, totaling more than 45 Million square feet, for local park districts, high schools, colleges, and the professional sports organizations.

“NET-Eastern is excited to be a part of the Mini Fenway Project,” said NET-Eastern President John Huard. “We were honored to learn we were the chosen company for a stadium built for premiere youth sports, particularly the sport of Baseball.”

The NET merger with Eastern Builders led to their partnership with GreenFields. This latest partnership is a major announcement from the GreenFields group. TenCate, a major GreenFields shareholder, is an industry-leading fiber manufacturer. The alliance between GreenFields/TenCate and North America’s premier sports field installer provides the industry with a unique turnkey option that was not available before recently.

About GreenFields

GreenField’s recently announced its entry into the US market. Beginning with the 2014 season, GreenField’s sport systems will be available throughout the United States of America and Canada through a selected network of experienced representatives and quality installers. With almost 3,000 field installations worldwide (231 being FIFA-endorsed soccer fields), GreenField’s has extensive experience in the development, manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance of synthetic turf systems for sports.

“We are proud that every continent in the world now has access to the technological innovations and sustainable solutions of GreenFields for a wide variety of sports,” said Hugo de Vries, business development director of GreenFields. Along with our relationship with FIFA, GreenFields is also partner to other sports federations, including the International Rugby Federation and the International Hockey Federation, according to de Vries.

GreenFields latest innovation is the new, patented GreenFields® MX, a 100% recyclable sports field system that offers unrivaled performance with the ability to exceed the highest standards set forth by professional sports organization for the quality and composition of artificial turf.