Los Prados Park installs field with EPDM alternative infill

Greenfields USA is proud to announce that the City of San Mateo will utilize one of the most durable and environmentally friendly turf products on the market at Los Prados Park, home to many of the city’s soccer, baseball and softball teams.  The city selected GreenFields’ SlideMax XQ product, utilizing a fiber that exceeds some of the most stringent wear tests in the industry, along with a non-SBR rubber infill called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM).

It marks the first synthetic field in the San Mateo city parks system.  It also marks the largest synthetic turf project in California utilizing the EPDM infill.

EPDM infill is a virgin rubber, non recycled material, made from rubber and sulfur cured. It is durable in all climates, has high resistance to abrasion and wear and is an alternative to SBR rubber (recycled car tires).

GoodLanD Construction and The Turf Authority installed GreenFields SlideMax XQ synthetic turf system for the recreational soccer area or the outfield for the baseball fields. SlideMax XQ has ultra durable grass fibers with high resilience and increased comfort and safety.  SlideMax XQ also features exception split resistance fibers compared to traditional turf fibers. GreenFields XP was installed on the infields which is made of long slit or parallel fibrillated fiber, increasing the durability for these high-wear areas of the field.

This project was the result of an in-depth study and planning process supported by a Community Advisory Committee and the solicitation of broad community feedback.

GreenFields is the innovation leader for synthetic turf systems and holder of credentials with numerous professional sports organizations worldwide including FIFA, World Rugby, and FIH. GreenFields has designed and installed more synthetic turf systems for FIFA than any other company and boasts over 3000 sports field installations worldwide. www.GreenFieldsUSA.com

GoodLanD Construction is a general contractor in Northern California with years of experience in the construction of drainage and bases for artificial turf fields.

The Turf Authority is a full service indoor and outdoor synthetic surfacing company specializing in college and high school playing fields, commercial and private play areas, dog training and kennel areas, putting greens, and residential landscaping.


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