IRONTURF by GreenFields Sets New Record for Durability

IRONTURF™, the breakthrough woven synthetic turf technology from GreenFields USA, has set a new record for durability. In recent tests by Labosport, an independent testing facility, IRONTURF maintained playability past 300,000 Lisport cycles. In separate tests, it easily surpassed the 6,020 Lisport XL cycles required for FIFA certification.

Lisport testing, in which turf is subjected to abrasion that simulates foot traffic and field wear, is the turf-industry standard for assessing performance and durability. Surpassing 300,000 cycles – ten times the current industry standard – is unprecedented.

GreenFields Director of Marketing, Erica Rumpke, called the IRONTURF results, “a very important validation for our woven-turf technology, and a clear statement that traditional tufted turf products can no longer be considered best-in-class.”

She pointed out that even after 300,000 cycles, which took a year to complete, IRONTURF didn’t fail – the GreenFields team just decided enough was enough.

“These tests take a lot of time and money, and at a certain point you just say, ‘Okay, this is the toughest turf in the history of turf and we’ve proven enough here.’  There was still zero yarn loss; the fibers hadn’t split and were still standing up.”

The tests were conducted at Labosport’s Canadian laboratory, the only FIFA-certified facility in North America. IRONTURF’s performance exceeded any product they had ever tested.