The field is by far better than at the Olympic Games


‘The World Cup field is very fast’ is the headline in Monday’s Dutch top newspaper above a nearly full two-page spread. ‘The best artificial turf for playing field hockey’ is the arresting title of an article at least as big in another newspaper. Both newspapers published reports on the field hockey World Cup being played in The Hague. And there was lavish praise for the field in both pieces.

‘It’s an awesome field’

The headline in the AD newspaper turns out to be a quote from Naomi van As, Dutch international and two-time Olympic champion. Her colleague Robert van der Horst, the men’s captain, goes a step further: “It’s an awesome field. Even better than at the Olympic Games,” he says.

Although the temporary hockey field at the ADO Den Haag soccer stadium was only officially handed over a week ago, it’s just perfect, says Maartje Paumen, captain of the Dutch womens team, after training on the field for the first time: “Of all the fields that we have trained and played on recently, this is by far the best,” was her opinion.

‘This field encourages skilful players’

The national coaches also praise the field. “Even better than in London,” says Paul van Ass, the men’s hockey coach, in the article in the Volkskrant newspaper. The coach explains the differences between the different types of artificial turf systems to the reporter in great detail. For example, he alerts him to the fact that the fibers in the GreenFields system are tufted, so that, according to the coach, the field is like the green baize on a billiards table.

Striker Billy Bakker confirms the words of his coach: “The ball really clings to the field. It just slides off the stick and I know without looking that I’m going to score. This field encourages skillful players.

U.S. Women’s National Team defender Lauran Crandall states: I am impressed with the turf,  it plays really flat and it is a fast field. Especially considering the fact that they put the field down less than a month ago. The water system is very good ass well and plays really true.


A perfect start to this 2014 Field Hockey World Cup

What positive words. It’s wonderful to hear them from the very best hockey players. That’s the reason why we have put so much energy into the development and continuing development of artificial turf systems in the last few years, in close cooperation with scientists and top players: to hear precisely these comments. Awesome. Bring on the World Cup. And even more positive comments!