GreenFields partners with Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup (HWC) is a network of 70 international partner organizations that use football to improve the lives of homeless people throughout the world. The annual international tournament uses the power of football to energize homeless people so they can change their own lives.
Homeless World Cup

The HWC 11th edition 2014 is currently being played in the heart of Santiago de Chile, from 19-26 October, Plaza de la Ciudadania, right in from of the seat of the Chilean President `La Moneda Palace´. After providing the artificial turf for the HWC soccer pitches in Milan (2009) and Rio de Janeiro (2011), GreenFields provided the turf for the tournament in Santiago as well, in cooperation with their local distributor Moeckel y Weil Sport Welt.

GreenFields Turf

GreenFields and Chilean sales partner Moeckel y Weil have supplied and installed the football turf for the three mini-pitches in the colors of the logo of the Homeless World Cup. Underneath the black and orange colored synthetic turf a Proplay shockpad makes sure that the players will enjoy excellent properties regarding shock absorption and energy restitution, promoting player safety.

“GreenFields is again honored to provide the playing surface to this year’s tournament in Chile which will host 54 teams to play 350 fast-paced games for 7 trophies, supported by millions of fans ”, Pieter Gussenhoven, regional representative of GreenFields said. “GreenFields is an organization committed to the development of football and truly believes that football can be used as a tool for positive social change. The Homeless World Cup has proven that since the first event in 2003. We are happy to be involved with the Homeless World Cup. This event fits our vision that sports unite and re-unite people.”