GreenFields Offers Turnkey Artificial Turf Solutions

From installation to maintenance, GreenFields is there every step of the way

Sports organizations are looking for a turf solution that will stand up to long hours of high-level play. Whether you’re trading up from a grass field to artificial turf or wondering if it’s time to replace your existing synthetic field, the decision comes with a list of questions and considerations. GreenFields offers tailor-made systems for a wide variety of sports, as well as personal service, customized installation and a long-term partnership beyond the duration of the field.

Upgrade from Grass to World-Class Turf

Generally, grass fields will begin to break down during the first season resulting in re-soding or re-seeding every season thereafter. In contrast, artificial turf allows for at least 40-50 hours per week of heavy usage, eliminating the need for replacement each season. Artificial turf reduces maintenance costs by as much as 75% compared to natural grass. GreenFields Operations Manager Herb Zabel notes that artificial turf is also more forgiving, noting “in natural grass, when something is damaged, you have to wait for it to grow back. With turf, a damaged area can be replaced with extra turf or groomed in a matter of hours.” So if your grass field has become more of a liability than an asset, it may be time to upgrade to artificial turf that can withstand the pressure of any game.

Retire Your Tired Turf

If you have an existing artificial field, how do you know when it’s time for new turf? Zabel notes several key indicators such as the field’s inability to hold together, especially in high-traffic areas. Additionally, your players may begin to feel like they’re making contact directly with the infill, instead of the turf. If that’s the case, it’s time for an upgrade, but your turf doesn’t have to retire completely. Used field components can be disposed of in a number of ways. Some are repurposed for outdoor animal rescue facilities to prevent their shelters from getting muddy, while others can be used as erosion control in golf courses. Used pieces can also be donated to organizations that may not be able to afford a brand-new field.

Install with Confidence

Once the decision has been made to install an artificial turf field, GreenFields’ family network of construction, installation and maintenance takes charge. Before installation, they look at a multitude of factors such as climate levels, soil and drainage. GreenFields has the experience and resources to ensure that the construction of the field meets the demands of the existing site. The finished product features superior drainage capabilities, allowing athletes of all levels, from recreational to internationally competitive, to play any time of year.

Get Down with Upkeep

Installing artificial turf is an investment—one that you want to protect. GreenFields’ warranty covers eight years, but regular maintenance could extend the life of your field beyond the warranty period. Well-maintained turf not only lasts longer, it also helps ensure that the high standards set by sports governing bodies are consistently met. GreenFields maintenance is unique, due to the relationship with the producers of the turf fibers. “GreenFields gets direction from our fiber manufacturer to use the processes that extend the life of the fiber to its fullest capacity,” Zabel says.

Every month, or after 400 hours of play, it is recommended to perform general maintenance such as checking high-traffic spots in front of the goal, corner kick and kickoff areas, and midfield; checking for buried fibers that may be trapped under the rubber; and making sure the hash marks haven’t been pulled up. At this point, GreenFields also recommends pulling a groomer—a stiff, bristled brush—over the field to straighten the fibers and push infill into areas where it may be low. However, more extensive maintenance like adding infill and deeper cleaning can happen less frequently over the life of your field. For all maintenance, you can count on the expertise of GreenFields maintenance crews, or have GreenFields train their staff to ensure the field’s longevity.

Partner with GreenFields

Once field replacement is deemed necessary, GreenFields has the artificial turf solution to fit your organization’s needs. From lowering maintenance costs to providing a single playing surface for a variety of sports, artificial turf can enhance the playing experience on a variety of levels. GreenFields’ exceptional service guarantees you’ll have a partner throughout the whole process, following the project every step of the way through design, building, project management and maintenance.