GreenFields at NSCAA Soccer show

GreenFields announced its entry into the US market from the 2014 season. Our first appearance will be at the NSCAA Soccer show in Philadelphia to present our products and innovations, like GreenFields MX. Allow us to introduce you to Greenfields MX, the long-awaited new generation of artificial turf. Finally. A turf that is the result of years of integral and international collaboration at various levels within the scientific community and the sports world. It is a product that has evolved from past generations of artificial turf, the essence of which is a new, high-quality weaving technique that makes the turf an unparalleled playing surface.

With traditional artificial turfs, the fibers are bound to the top layer one by one. Greenfields MX breaks with this tradition. Not only are the fibers of varying composition and size, but they are also woven into the top layer. This results in ‘clumps’ of grass and the same texture as a natural grass cover. And with the same properties. Most importantly, it offers a comparable playing experience. This product is the long-awaited result of years of efforts. And we are the only ones in the world to offer it.

Want to see and feel GreenFields MX? We welcome you to visit us at the Soccer show  which will take place on January 15-19, 2014. During the show we would like to show you our latest innovations and discuss many other things. Our stand number is 858.

More information about the show and registration at: