GreenFields installs slide max XQ pitch at UVA Sol de Oriente

A remarkable building has been constructed: UVA Sol de Oriente in Columbia. The pitch that has been installed by GreenFields and partner Psport systems has a size of 55 x 33 metres and is located on the roof of a building.

Besides the new GreenFields® Slide Max XQ™ 50 synthetic turf pitch the new building also facilitates a colosseum, interactive fountains, interactive classrooms and training areas, an auditorium, a gaming room, a covered fitness centre, a theatre for performance arts and stands for sports events.

The creation of similar community centres is a joint initiative by the community sports and recreational institute (INDER) and a large public utility, called EPM. Psport Systems was responsible for the installation of the sports pitch with synthetic turf. With the new community centres a transformation has been set in motion to get more safe places where people can meet, can exercise in safe environment, where is room for culture and recreation but maybe even more important employment is stimulated.

GreenFields has found a very loyal and trustworthy partner in Ppsport systems, the GreenFields distributor in Colombia. Together with Psport GreenFields is putting itself on the map in South America by installing GreenFields pitches all over the country. The positive experiences with the installation and the pitches themselves were for INDER part of the reason to opt for GreenFields once again. The twelve synthetic turf pitches in question are a gift from EPM to the same number of villages downstream on the Río Medellín after the company had built a dam hereNederland