GreenFields enters US sport fields market

GreenFields – a leading supplier of artificial turf systems – announces its entry into the US market. From the 2014 season, GreenFields sport systems will be available throughout the United States of America and Canada through a selected network of experienced representatives and quality installers. All GreenFields sport systems are quality controlled on site by GreenFields installation inspectors. Technological innovations and sustainable solutions are the core competences of GreenFields, delivering customers integrated sport systems using TenCate high-grade fibers and backing.

With 2,700 field installations worldwide, GreenFields has long-standing experience in the development, manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance of synthetic turf systems for sports. Its ability to provide high quality product innovation and turnkey – sustainable – sports solutions is unrivalled within the sports turf industry. The GreenFields team works to provide both cost-effective and premium quality product solutions, whilst focusing on researching and developing new surfaces for the international sports industry. Through its internal testing facility the high-grade products and systems are developed while matching or outperforming the requirements of sports governing bodies around the world.

Decades of experience in sports field systems

With 231 FIFA recommended soccer fields and counting, GreenFields is the biggest supplier of synthetic turf fields that meet FIFA quality standards worldwide. Hugo de Vries, business development director of GreenFields, states: “We are proud that every continent in the world now has access to the technological innovations and sustainable solutions of GreenFields for a wide variety of sports. Apart from our cooperation with FIFA, GreenFields is also a partner of other sports federations, such as the International Rugby Federation and the International Hockey Federation: all for the benefit of our customers”.

Sustainable innovation of sports systems

The latest innovation is the new, patented GreenFields® MX, a 100% recyclable sports field system that offers unrivaled performance with the ability to exceed the highest standards. The letters MX refer to the square matrix pattern in which the high-grade TenCate Grass fibers are placed. The position and distance between the fibers are precisely determined in a specialized three-dimensional weaving process. By weaving instead of traditional tufting, the blades are physically locked into the field structure making fiber loss through slippage impossible. Weaving furthermore enables GreenFields to combine no fewer than forty turf blades of six different fibers into a single bundle of grass fiber. The grass is resilient, has no grain and behaves the same in every direction. The yarn bundles are placed in a square matrix pattern, thus giving the field a totally uniform appearance. Moreover, GreenFields® MX is 100% recyclable due to the use of a single type of resin.

This unique combination of material properties contributes to the quality and characteristics of the game on the field. While new to the US market, the patented GreenFields® MX is a proven product, with tens of installations in Europe at the professional level.

Commitment to sustainable solutions

Hugo de Vries continues: “The well-received GreenFields® MX system proves our commitment to producing bringing sustainable synthetic turf solutions to market that are unmatched anywhere in the world. Our innovative approach, combined with a customer-focused full-service concept, is now being brought to North America. Our American and Canadian clients can share our vision for and commitment to the planet.“

Genemuiden, the Netherlands, Wednesday, 13 November 2013