Cruyff Courts partner with TenCate GreenFields for Community Playgrounds

Cruyff Courts partner with TenCate GreenFields for Community Playgrounds   

Atlanta, GA (DATE) — TenCate Grass and GreenFields have been partnering with the Cruyff Foundation for many years. This year GreenFields is scaling up their partnership with the Foundation and are actively supporting new growth initiatives for the Foundation.

GreenFields is supplying artificial grass for the Cruyff Courts, which are now being installed not only close to home in the Netherlands and in Europe, but around the globe. Projects in India, US and Latin America have been initiated by the Foundation and are being executed with many more projects planned. Apart from the Cruyff Courts, the Foundation has initiated a variety of other initiatives, such as ‘Schoolplein 14’, a concept where children design the exterior of their own school yard, allowing youth to develop activities and be active outdoors at school, using their own design of the school yard.

“Cruyff Foundation is tremendously impressed by the passion and vigor which the municipal department SECHI shows to improve living conditions in the suburbs. The Cruyff Foundation is extremely proud to be part of this and to offer superior sports surfaces for the athletes”, stated Susila Cruyff, daughter of Johan Cruyff who travelled to Buenos Aires for the inauguration.

This particular project is the second Cruyff Court in Latin America and the first court installed in Argentina. The court is located in a southern suburb of the city of Buenos Aires, called Villa Soldati, in a city park where the local government has invested to improve the sport accommodation. From the moment the field was delivered, it has been constantly used by the community. The local government, in cooperation with Claudio Marangoni, is developing training programs for the local youth.

The turf installed is the ultra durable XP (Xtended Play), necessary for a community field that is being used approximately 10 hours per day. The court is surrounded by a firm metal framework that can be used as boarding to be part of the game. Even the goals are made from metal, to ensure a long lifetime for this intensively used pitch.

GreenFields believes that sports unite and understands the impact of sports, committed to balancing social responsibility with the development of GreenFields and therefore actively support an organization such as Cruyff Foundation and their mission to “get young people moving” (Cruyff Foundation).

GreenFields is the innovation leader for synthetic turf systems and holder of credentials with numerous professional sports organizations worldwide including FIFA, World Rugby, and FIH. GreenFields has designed and installed more synthetic turf systems for FIFA than any other company and boasts over 3000 sports field installations worldwide.

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