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Artificial Turf Maintenance

In our ongoing effort to provide top-notch synthetic turf systems, we at GreenFields also maintain a commitment to the longevity of the systems we build as well as their consistent quality. Like anything else, synthetic turf products deteriorate over time. With the right maintenance schedule, however the life of our products can be significantly extended and add value to your investment.

Artificial turf is decidedly easier to maintain than natural grass, but, as field studies have conclusively shown, maintenance at regular intervals remains key to ensuring the longevity of your athletic field. Recent studies have compared both well- and poorly- maintained pitches and the results have been dramatic.

A well-maintained soccer field not only lasts longer, it also helps ensure that the high standards set by governing bodies are consistently met.

This is why our CI&M department, working with our worldwide network of strategic partners, has developed a comprehensive maintenance program that can be executed internally via contract, or through your own organization’s maintenance staff. Our local representatives can provide your staff with comprehensive training to ensure that our maintenance standards are met and that your synthetic turf system delivers continuous safety and comfort for all your players. Regular testing of your athletic field’s condition yields essential data that ensures your pitch meets either governing body guidelines or your organizations own standards.

With proactive and prompt maintenance and repair, long-term damage can be drastically reduced. The GreenFields CI&M department is also here to provide technical support for all of your testing, repair and maintenance needs.

Maintenance Programs for your synthetic turf system

All synthetic turf sports fields have a certain lifespan. That lifespan is largely affected by the amount of usage your field gets annually. The right maintenance program can extend the life of your field dramatically. Through our specialist consultants, we provide onsite training for performing care and maintenance on a daily, weekly or  monthly schedule as well as incidental repairs and occasional maintenance.If necessary, your local GreenFields office will also arrange routine professional maintenance for your field on a contractual basis. We are also available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via our web-based maintenance support tool.