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Design Build

Design-Build is a service we provide to have a cooperative approach to development and construction of your project. At GreenFields, we are committed to the highest standards of quality at every phase of the development of your project whether it be a local municipal sports pitch with a single row of bleachers or a permanent professional stadium or arena.

We accomplish this task by working directly with the architects and builders who will ultimately bring your plans to fruition. Design-Build allows us to maintain reasonable cost estimates and execute effective quality control strategies. It is a true collaborative effort and one that ensures that your project gets done right, on time and within budget.

From plan to realization

The governing body for design-build concepts in the United States is the Design-Build Institute of America (the DBIA). It is a vast network of leaders in the fields of design, architecture, and construction that exists for a single purpose: timely project delivery coupled with the highest quality standards at a reasonable cost to the client. It’s no wonder why GreenFields embraces such a strategy and why we adhere to DBIA Best Practices as an
unwavering set of standards for everything we design and build. An increasing number of clients in the U.S. are demanding that their projects be completed implementing DBIA Best Practices. The truth of the matter is that GreenFields has been employing design-build strategies in our European markets since our inception.We are well-positioned to provide work that meets and exceeds DBIA
standards by supplying the personnel necessary for the job or by working directly with the contractors of your choice. We never subcontract. When you hire GreenFields to build your sports field and surrounding structures, you can be assured that we are 100% behind your project, not just as overseers but as the actual team that executes every stage of its development.

 Committed to provide cost-effective turnkey solutions

When you elect to contract with GreenFields to design and build your artificial turf system, you are working with a company who understands your need for a partner that is committed to providing timely, cost-effective turnkey solutions for your organization. We build our products to exacting standards and we make sure that at every stage of construction those standards are being met through stringent quality control and safety guidelines. The end result for you is a durable playing surface that is ready upon completion to perform up to and exceeding your expectations.

If your organization is under a binding agreement with specific contractors, we at GreenFields are happy to provide training and oversight to your crew that ensures that our high standards are being maintained or exceeded.