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GreenFields has FIFA certified and installed over 3000 fields around the world, many using the highest level of TPE infill available to the market. Holo by SO.F.TER. (www.tpeinfill.com) is a state of the art performance infill that consists of a special extrusion technique that creates a hollow, cylindrical shaped granule. The following data contributed to our selection of this alternate infill as a leading suggested product from GreenFields.

Benefits of TPE

Shape & Size: since the shape and size of Terra XPS is fully uniform, this infill cannot compact, and therefore stays loose. The advantage of this is for the player; just after installation, but also after years, the studs of the players’ shoes still find good grip, in combination with good rotation..

Because the polymer chains are saturated hydrocarbons (no double bonds any more), the material is better resistant to radical attacks.

Because the infill layer stays loose in time, the playing characteristics are very consistent. So shock absorption, ball bounce and deformation will stay more constant in time.

Because Terra XPS do not have to be vulcanized, also the chemicals that are used for vulcanization are not present in Terra XPS. Even the softening material is medical approved, which means that it can be used for medical applications. Therefore, as is proven in several independent analysis, Terra XPS has the highest score on safety for environment and health.


TPE – Holo is solely based on new, carefully selected, raw materials that result in a durable and safe finished product, no reprocessed materials, no toxins.


TPE – HOLO remains flexible up to (-22F) and cooler, and is a cooler infill at higher temperature because that heats ability to release due to product design.


The open space contributes to performance by increasing energy restitution and stabilizing the overall G-Max of the sports field.

TPE HOLO Infill installed at USL Headquarters, Sparks MD

Offering a cooler field


Holo is a thermoplastic elastomeric based (SEBS) saturated polymer which is the leading condition for technical durable outdoor and indoor performance.


At the end of the infill life span Holo can be 100% recycled.


Due to the hollow space TPE – Holo saves up to 35% on raw materials.