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Eva de Goede is the face of GreenFields TX


Top Hockeyplayer Eva de Goede is the face of GreenFields® TX, the 2014 World Championships top hockey field

Eva de Goede, member of the Dutch national hockey team, has entered into a collaboration with GreenFields and has become the professional face of GreenFields® TX, the 2014 World Championships top hockey field on which the world games will be played next summer in the Kyocera Stadium and the GreenFields Stadium in The Hague, the Netherlands. This is a way for GreenFields to give its high-quality artificial grass system an extra boost. During the world championships in the western part of the Netherlands, the 17 participating countries can also train on GreenFields® TX hockey fields. By now, 11 Dutch hockey clubs in the west of the Netherlands have been equipped with this high-quality top hockey system.

In spite of her young age, the 24-year-old Eva de Goede is one of the most valued players of both her own club in Amsterdam and the Dutch national team. The central midfielder is quick as lightning, has good stamina, an excellent sleeppush, is good in offence and defence and can control the match like no other.

An example for modern hockey

“Eva puts up a good game and is the ultimate example for modern top hockey”, says Ed Donkers, global brand manager of GreenFields. “She has everything it takes to become the best hockey player in the world. Eva is social, spontaneous, very pure and has a natural power and passion for her sport. In short, she has the qualities and drive that make her a perfect match for GreenFields, the innovator and worldwide supplier of top-quality artificial grass systems. We are very pleased about this collaboration for the positioning of our 2014 World Championships hockey field”.

High-quality hockey system

GreenFields® TX is the state-of-the-art top hockey system that was developed in collaboration with various top hockey players. Ed Donkers explains: “This high-quality hockey system impressed the Royal Dutch Hockey Association KNHB to such degree that the KNHB determined last year that all matches for the 2014 World Championships in The Hague will be played on GreenFields® TX. The countries that will be competing at the world championships will also be able to carry out their training sessions at hockey clubs in the Randstad conurbation where this type of world championships field has been installed”.

Leading lady in hockey commercial

The collaboration between Eva de Goede and GreenFields has been entered for one year and has the intention to be extended until the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sports marketing agency House of Sports has concluded the ambassador contract with GreenFields on behalf of Eva de Goede. She will, among other things, play a leading part in a hockey commercial that will be broadcasted upcoming summer during the hockey world cup championships. In addition, she will perform numerous promotional activities for the top hockey system GreenFields® TX during various events.